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This tutorial demonstrates how to use Telega-based controllers with PX4-based flight controllers. The version of PX4 firmware involved in this tutorial is v1.10.1. The documentation for PX4 is available at The controller used in this tutorial is Myxa but this tutorial applies to all other types of telega-based controllers.

Software Installation

QGroundControl provides full flight control and vehicle setup for PX4 or ArduPilot powered vehicles. It provides easy and straightforward usage for beginners, while still delivering high end feature support for experienced users.

To download and install software please refer to the relevant documentation for details.

You will also need to install Kucther software which will be used to enumerate telega based ESC and to set the direction of motors. To download Kucher please refer to the relevant documentation for details.

Required parts

The tutorial is set up for quadcopter but it is applicable for all types of frames, the following parts will be needed:

Please contact your supplier for ordering information. Alternatively, customers can choose to manufacture the needed cables/plugs on their own in order to suit some custom needs, in which case they should refer to the relevant documentation for details.


Connect all of the on-board UAVCAN devices into a chain and make sure the bus is terminated at the end nodes. The order in which the ESCs are connected/chained does not matter.

Configuring ESC

UAVCAN devices are generally Plug'n'Play you will still need to enumerate (assign index/number) each of the ESC used in your vehicle and set their direction so that they can be identified/controlled by PX4. To enumerate the ESC:

Connect Myxa with a computer using a micro USB cable.

Open Kucher, select Port and press Connect button to establish a link between Kucher and Myxa ESC.

Enumerate ESC and set the direction of the motor by writing into following configuration parameters.



Repeat this process for all other ESCs.

Configuring the PX4 flight controller

Open QGroundControl application.    


Connect Pixhawk with a computer using the micro USB cable. (Device will appear in QGroundControl application).

Set the configuration parameter UAVCAN_ENABLE to Sensors and Actuators(ESCs)Automatic

Save setting. 

Reboot Device.


Open MAVLink Console ( Analyze →  Mavlink Console  ) which allows you to connect to the PX4 nsh shell and send commands.

Command uavcan status will display the status of uavcan and all sensors attached to it.

All four ESC will appear as operational nodes on the CAN bus.

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