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Open the project properties dialog that we used earlier, and navigate to the view C/C++ Build → Discovery Options. In the list titled Discovery profiles scope select the item Configuration-wide in order to use shared settings for all indexed languages. Select the check-box Automate discovery of paths and symbols. Ignore the deprecation warning that may appear at the bottom of the window. Save the settings by clicking Apply. The following screenshot is an example of the correct configuration.


Sometimes Eclipse hides 'The tabDiscovery Options' is hidden by default. Go to 'Window->Preferences-> WindowPreferencesC/C++ > Property Pages Settings and check 'display discovery option page' Display "Discovery options" Page. Then, open your project preferences and enjoy editing 'the Discovery Options' tab.

Now switch to the view C/C++ General → Preprocessor Include Paths, Macros, etc., switch to the tab Providers. Select the item for your cross-compiler from the list, and make sure that its checkbox is active. Append the string in the field Command to get compiler specs with the option that enables the desired C++ standard, for example, -std=c++14. Enable the following items as well: