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It also makes sense to tell LaTeX that it's okay to have long white spaces in the table of contents, because the alternative that we can observe above looks far uglier. In order to permit that, use the macro \sloppy (it is commented out in the example listing above). This is what we get as the result:


Column separators

Avoid unnecessary column separating lines! 90% of tables can do just fine without them at all.


If nothing of the above describes your situation, you don't need column-separating lines!

Table footnotes

When using table footnotes, label them using lowercase letters rather than numbers. This eliminates confusion between regular footnotes (which are normally numbered) and per-table footnotes. The first table footnote should be labeled a, the second b, and so on.

Code formatting

The coding conventions for documentation are far less strict than those used for program source code, for obvious reasons of the different levels of complexity and maintenance requirements.