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The following chapters assume that Mission Planner is installed on the user’s computer, and that Pixhawk the autopilot is otherwise properly configured.

Remember that it may be necessary to restart the autopilot before the changes take full effect.

Please note that the APM firmware needs to be not older than specified below:

  • ArduCopter 3.4
  • ArduPlane 3.5

Enabling UAVCAN in APM

Open Mission Planner, navigate to the tab CONFIG/TUNING, and set the parameter BRD_CAN_ENABLE to 2.


In order to make APM ArduPilot receive measurements from an UAVCAN-interfaced GNSS receiver, set the parameter GPS_TYPE to 9


In order to make APM receive ArduPilot receive measurements from an UAVCAN-interfaced compass, open the tab INITIAL SETUP, then select Mandatory HardwareCompass. Find the compass that is marked with the check Externally mounted, and make sure that it is selected in the drop-down field Primary Compass. See the screenshot below for an example.