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To check status or to troubleshoot the problem you can use MAVLINK console.


By default, an external barometer will be the primary barometer. All we have to do is to enable a barometer on GNSS.


Zubax GNSS is equipped with a command-line interface (CLI) exposed over a serial port that provides access to the device’s internal command shell. Refer to the relevant documentation for details.

To use command-line interface attach GNSS to computer using a USB interface.

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GNSS will appear as COM port.

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Open COM port under the following configurations.

UART configuration

  • Baud rate: 115200
  • Word length: 8
  • Parity: None
  • Stop bits: 1

Terminal configuration

Command-line interface parameters:

  • Line ending: CR+LF (0x0D+0x0A, \r\n)
  • Local echo: Off
  • Local line editing: Off

Execute the following:

/* uavcan.pubp-pres "set uavcan.pubp-pres <value>"
Publication interval of Zero means disabled.
Default value: 0
Units: Microsecond */
cfg set uavcan.pubp-pres 100
cfg save

To debug or to check the status of barometer you can use Mavlink console. 

MAVLink Console

The MAVLink Console ( Analyze →  Mavlink Console  ) allows you to connect to the PX4 nsh shell and send commands.


Command uavcan status will display the status of uavcan and all sensors attached to it.

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Command listener sensor_mag will display all compasses attached to the system and their status.

Command listener sensor_baro will display all barometers attached to the system and their status.

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Command sensors status will display the status of all sensors and their priority. As you can see the external compass has the highest priority.

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