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This tutorial demonstrates how to use Zubax GNSS 2 with PX4-based flight controllers. The version of PX4 firmware involved in this tutorial is v1.10.1. The documentation for PX4 is available at



Don’t forget to perform compass calibration when done. If the autopilot reports issues with high magnetic field offsets, set the parameter mag.scaling_coef on Zubax GNSS to approximately 0.6 and try calibration again

Open QGroundControl application.




      2. Connect Pixhawk with computer using the micro USB cable. (Device will appear in QGroundControl application).


      3. Set the configuration parameter UAVCAN_ENABLE to Only Sensors (2) or Sensors and Motors (3) (or any higher value, if such available).


Save setting. 

      4. Reboot Device.


     5. GPS will may take several seconds to get locked. You can check status by clicking on button named GPS Status as shown below.