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Software version commit identifier from the version control system (VCS) that this version of the software was built from.

For example, short git commit hash.

sw_build_dateThe date when the current software was built in a human-friendly format.'Dec 9 2016'
When the device is running the bootloader for purposes of upgrading its software, this field contains the version number of the bootloader.'2.1'
bl_vcs_commitSame as sw_vcs_commit, but for the bootloader.
bl_build_dateSame as sw_build_date, but for the bootloader.'Dec 9 2016'

Used to indicate special operating modes. Possible values:

  • (not set) - normal operating mode.
  • 'bootloader' - the device is in the software upgrade mode.

Certificate of authenticity (CoA) encoded in Base64. The CoA is at most 128 bytes (1024 bits) long.

If this field is missing from the output, that means that the CoA is not installed.

(not shown)

Note that the reported properties are specific to the device, not to the interface, which means that the properties such as product_id, version information, etc., will be reported identically via other supported interfaces, e.g. UAVCAN.