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A twisted-pair cable with standard UAVCAN Micro plugs (JST GH, 4 circuits) on both ends.


The following table documents the pinout of UAVCAN Micro patch cable.


Side A pin number

WiresUAVCAN MicroSide B pin number
Bus power1Flat or twisted with Ground1
CAN High2Twisted with CAN Low2
CAN Low3Twisted with CAN High3
Ground4Flat or twisted with Bus power4

UAVCAN Micro patch cableImage AddedManufacturing instructions


  • Type: two twisted pairs, or one twisted pair plus two flat wiresone straight pair.
  • Twisting pitch: 0.3–1 twists per centimeter.
  • Wire gauge: #26–30 AWG.
  • Wire strands: 7 or more.
  • Wire insulation outer diameter: 0.8 to 1 mm.
  • Conductor material: copper.


  1. Cut the cable.
  2. Strip the insulation on both ends of the cable as described above.
  3. Crimp the terminals using the hand crimp tool.
  4. Insert the terminals into plug housings following the pinout specification above.

UAVCAN Micro termination plug

UAVCAN Micro termination plugImage RemovedA UAVCAN Micro plug with a 120 Ω resistor between the pins CAN High and CAN Low.


Manufacturing instructions

UAVCAN Micro termination plugImage Added

Parts needed

Part NameManufacturerPart NumberQuantityNotes
JST GH plug housing, 4 circuitsJSTGHR-04V-S1
JST GH crimp terminalJSTSSHL-002T-P0.22
Wire (see requirements below)Not specifiedNot specified2
Termination resistor, 120 Ω (see requirements below)Vishay BC ComponentsMBA02040C1200FCT001Can be replaced with an alternative.
Heat shrink tube (shrink ratio: 3.5±0.5 mm → recovered inner diameter: 0.7±05–0.3 8 mm)TE ConnectivityPD-CAP-1/8-015 20–30 mmCan be replaced with an alternative.

Termination resistor requirements:

  • Resistance: 120 Ω.
  • Package: axial, body length less than 7 mm.
  • Power: 0.4 25 W or higher.
  • Tolerance: ±5% or better.
  • Operating temperature: -40–105 °C or wider.
  • Temperature coefficient: ±100 ppm/°C or lower.
  • Qualifications: AEC-Q200.

Wire requirements:

  • Wire gauge: #26–30 AWG.
  • Wire strands: 7 or more.
  • Wire insulation outer diameter: 0.8 to 1 mm.
  • Conductor material: copper.
  • Length: 25±10 mm each.

Optional tools

Refer to the UAVCAN Micro Patch Cable assembly specification.

Manual assembly instructions


  • Slip an insulation tube (e.g. a heat shrink tube) onto the longer lead. Make sure the tube prevents the resistor leads from shorting with each other.
  • Apply some liquid insulating varnish on the longer lead in order to prevent it from shorting with the shorter lead.
  • Ensure that the shorter resistor lead is less than 5 mm long, so it can’t be deformed enough to short with the longer lead. See the second step.


Wire strip requirements:

  • Outer insulation strip length (if any): 10 to 20 mm.
  • Wire insulation strip length: 1.5 mm.

Perform the following steps:

  1. Cut the leads of the resistor so that each lead is approximately 5 mm long.
  2. Solder two short wires directly to the leads of the resistor.
  3. Cover the resistor, its leads with the wire soldering joints, and at least 3 mm of each wire past the end of the lead with a single piece of heat shrink tube.
  4. If necessary, bend both leads of the resistor so that they point in the same direction.
  5. Apply heat to recover (shrink) the insulating heat shrink tube. This step can be performed later if necessary.
  6. Crimp JST GH terminals onto the free ends of both wires.
  7. Insert the crimped terminals (wires) into a JST GH plug according to the specified pinout.
  8. Slip a heat shrink tube onto the resistor covering both leads and the resistor itself. Make sure the tube has at least 3 mm long overhang on the outer side.
  9. Apply heat to shrink the insulation.
  10. Using an ohmmeter ensure that the resistance between the pins 2 and 3 of the plug is within 120±10 Ω.


A twisted-pair adapter cable with UAVCAN Micro plug (JST GH, 4 circuits) on one end and UAVCAN D-Sub socket (D-Sub DE-9F) on the other end. This cable serves as an adapter between different types of UAVCAN connectors.

FunctionUAVCAN Micro pin numberWireD-Sub DE-9F pin number
Bus power1Flat or twisted with Ground9
CAN High2Twisted with CAN Low7
CAN Low3Twisted with CAN High2
Ground4Flat or twisted with Bus power6