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The following are possible alerts that may appear during normal Telega operation.

UAVCAN VSSC (binary)TaskDescriptionComments
00110000_00000011RunHardware overload flag set (from the VSI driver IC)If this flag is set below the maximum allowable phase current, the hardware protection operation threshold should be reduced.
00110000_00000001RunLVPS malfunction
00110000_00000010RunPhase current measurement malfunctionCheck the motor terminal's connection.
00110000_00000011RunHardware test failedThe last run of the task "Hardware Test" has been unsuccessful. Rerun the test to resolve.
00110000_00010000RunMCU overheatingCheck the heat sink thermal contact or airflow way. It may set if the ESC is overloaded for a long period of time as well.
00110000_00110000RunPower stage PCB overheating
00110000_01010000RunMotor overheating
00110000_10000000RunDC link overvoltageIt can appear during braking if the power supply does not allow energy recovery. Use a battery or other bi-directional power source.
00110001_00000000RunDC link undervoltageIt can appear during acceleration or load increase, if the power of the source is insufficient or the source has a large value of internal resistance.
00001100_00000000RunMotor temperature below nominal