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This guide shows how to configure Eclipse to make it upload firmware binaries to connected embedded targets.

Preparing the build system

Ensure that you can upload the application to your target using your build system. If not, add a new make target, say, upload, that invokes the command that executes the uploading.

Assuming that there is a script that performs the uploading named tools/, and the binary file build/compound.elf, the following make target can be defined:

Makefile upload target
upload: build/compound.elf

Verify that the target works properly by executing make upload from the command line.

Configuring Eclipse

Open your project and select the view Build Targets, which is usually located on the right-hand panel. If you can't locate the view there, you can enable it in the menu by clicking Window → Show View → Build Targets.

Click the button New Build Target as shown on the screenshot.

The window Create Build Target should appear. In this window, enter the name of your build target in the field Target name. Double check that the default build command is correct; if not, modify it manually. The resulting window should look as shown below.

Click OK, and you're all set. Now you can upload your application to the target by double-clicking the new build target.

You can define additional commands and build options similarly.