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Mitochondrik is integrated sensorless PMSM/BLDC motor controller module for UAV and robotic propulsion systems. Mitochondrik runs Telega.

Telega setup process is the same for all hardware. However, some hardware products have additional settings. Below are additional steps to configure mitochondrik.

Shunt resistor

The shunt resistance is selected so as to provide the maximum resolution for measurement. Based on the fact that the maximum voltage on the shunt is 0.3 V, we can determine the resistance as follows:

Rsh_meas = 0.3/Imax, where Imax - maximum amplitude value of the motor phase current. 

At the same time, shunt resistance is constrained by the maximum power of the shunt.

Rsh_power = Psh_max/ (Im_rms)2, where Psh_max - maximum continuous power of the shunt; Im_rms - maximum continuous (>2s) RMS motor phase current value.   

The final value of the shunt resistor is Rsh = min (Rsh_meas, Rsh_power).

For the proper measure of the current in Mitochondrik set the value of parameter vsi.curr_shunt equal to the actual value of the shunt resistance.

DCBUS voltage measurement. 

To reduce the DCBUS supply voltage, a resistive voltage divider is applied.  The divider parameters are:

vsi.divider_up   - resistance of the upside resistor (Ohm);

vsi.divider_lo    - resistance of the downside resistor (Ohm).

These parameters should be set to default values for Mitochondrik, shown in the table below.

Parameter51V Mitochondrik95V Mitochondrik

Voltage source inverter transistors

The following parameters should be set based on the power transistors datasheet.

vsi.tr_rds_on - drain-source on-state resistance at Vds = 10..12V and motor nominal phase current;

vsi.tr_ton_ns - turn-on delay time at Id close to nominal motor current;

vsi.tr_toff_ns - turn-off delay time at Id close to nominal motor current. 


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