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Upon detection of an error, the controller enters the Fault task. The Fault task will remain active until a zero setpoint is received; however, if the underlying cause of the fault is not removed, the controller may re-enter the Fault task immediately again.

UAVCAN VSSC (binary)Failed taskExit code (decimal)DescriptionComments
10100000_00000001Idle160Observer parameters are invalid
11000000_00000001Idle192Motor model parameters are invalidCheck the motor parameters and perform the motor identification procedure.
10000000_00000001Idle128Some other parameters are invalid
00000010_00000001Idle2Hardware test failedThe last run of the task "Hardware Test" has been unsuccessful. Rerun the test to resolve.






Hardware fault

May appear in the following cases:

  • overcurrent;
  • overheating of the power stage;
  • low-voltage power supply (LVPS) failure.

Send a zero setpoint to reset the error.

00000001_01000001Beep1Hardware fault
00000001_01100001Run1Too many stalls The motor could not be started. Check if the rotor is blocked. If not, check the motor spinup parameters.
00000010_01100001Run2Hardware faultRefer to the Hardware fault of the Idle task.






DC voltage is out of range

Check the the power supply voltage. Check if the voltage is within the allowed range.

00000001_10000001Hardware Test1Hardware faultRefer to the Hardware fault of the Idle task. This bit is usually set together with other bits. Check the other failures listed below.
00000010_10000001Hardware Test2DC voltage errorThis error is similar to the "DC voltage is out of range" error of the Run task.
00000011_10000001Hardware Test3Phase current zero bias error AThe current measurement circuits of the phase A are malfunctioning.
00000100_10000001Hardware Test4Phase current zero bias error B The current measurement circuits of the phase B are malfunctioning.
00000101_10000001Hardware Test5Phase current error APhase A is malfunctioning.
00000110_10000001Hardware Test6Phase current error BPhase B is malfunctioning.
00000111_10000001Hardware Test7Phase current error CPhase C is malfunctioning.
00001000_10000001Hardware Test8Phase voltage error APhase A is malfunctioning.
00001001_10000001Hardware Test9Phase voltage error BPhase B is malfunctioning.
00001010_10000001Hardware Test10Phase voltage error CPhase C is malfunctioning.
00000001_10100001Motor Identification1

Resistance subtask failed in R_L or R_L_Flux identification procedure


Flux linkage subtask failed in Flux identification procedure

00000101_10100001Motor Identification3Inductance subtask failed
00000101_10100001Motor Identification5Flux linkage subtask failed
11111111_10100001Motor Identification255Invalid parameters
11111110_10100001Motor Identification254Invalid sequence
11111101_10100001Motor Identification253Hardware test failedThe last run of the Hardware Test task has been unsuccessful. Rerun the test to resolve.
11111100_10100001Motor Identification252Sequence not applicableCheck if the parameters m.resistance, m.induct_quad, and m.induct_direct are valid.
11111011_10100001Motor Identification251Hardware fault
11111010_10100001Motor Identification250Hardware overload
11111001_10100001Motor Identification249LVPS malfunctionLow-voltage power supply malfunction during motor identification
11111000_10100001Motor Identification248DC voltage is out of range
11111111_11000001Low Level Manipulation255LVPS malfunctionLow-voltage power supply malfunction
11111110_11000001Low Level Manipulation254Hardware faultRefer to the Hardware fault of the Idle task.
11111101_11000001Low Level Manipulation253Invalid sub-task

Alert codes

The following are possible alerts that may appear during normal Telega operation.

UAVCAN VSSC (binary)TaskDescriptionComments
00110000_00000011RunHardware overload flag set (from the VSI driver IC)If this flag is set below the maximum allowable phase current, the hardware protection operation threshold should be reduced.
00110000_00000001RunLVPS malfunction
00110000_00000010RunPhase current measurement malfunctionCheck the motor terminal's connection.
00110000_00000011RunHardware test failedThe last run of the task "Hardware Test" has been unsuccessful. Rerun the test to resolve.
00110000_00010000RunMCU overheatingCheck the heat sink thermal contact or airflow way. It may set if the ESC is overloaded for a long period of time as well.
00110000_00110000RunPower stage PCB overheating
00110000_01010000RunMotor overheating
00110000_10000000RunDC link overvoltageIt can appear during braking if the power supply does not allow energy recovery. Use a battery or other bi-directional power source.
00110001_00000000RunDC link undervoltageIt can appear during acceleration or load increase, if the power of the source is insufficient or the source has a large value of internal resistance.
00001100_00000000RunMotor temperature below nominal
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